Twas the Night before iPhone…

Apple, as the the lone wolf can change the world. Will they?

Twas the night before iPhone and all cross the land…

Each writer was guessing the Apple event at hand.

Bad poetry aside and with apologies to Clement Clark Moore I am about as excited as a kid on Christmas about the Apple event tomorrow. It will be streamed live and I cannot wait. I will be happy with a new amazing iPhone but, because Apple can do more, I want more.

Apple Can Change the Industry

I have read quite a few blog posts and opinion pieces about just what Apple will reveal. I particularly liked on by Drew Wilson asking if Apple will keep dreaming. One quote particularly stood out:

“They can, more than anyone else, literally do anything they want.”

Apple has the ability to singlehandedly influence the direction and velocity of tech. The are the lone wolf. They do what they want, and in many cases, it is exactly what the whole industry wanted and needed but didn’t have the power to do. In 1984 they started putting computers in front of normal people. In 1998 Apple killed the floppy disk. In 2007 they made computers truly mobile and killed Flash. Apple could simply release a better iPhone and something to check off the wearable category. Or they could profoundly change computing, technology and computers as we know them.

I don’t want a Watch

I also strongly agreed with Garrett Gee about NOT wanting a watch. I don’t want a watch. I don’t wear a watch and don’t care enough about the time that checking my phone (or the 16 different clocks around the apt) can’t tell me perfectly well. I don’t really care about the time to know it all the time. I do care about my body and my metrics to know them all the time. I want something more than a watch (or less) and packed with sensors. This post by James Gill brings up important points about what a watch like device would have to be or do. (Battery, ability to forget your wearing it, control system etc)

So here is my wish list, and then what I think will actually happen.

Wish List

    1. Health sensors for days. Heart rate, temperature, location, altitude, food tracking? Remember this Apple fitness commercial? — much more of this please.

2. Bigger better iPhone with better camera, battery life, much more resistant to breaking.

I really don’t want that much for Christmas Santa, I mean Tim.

Prediction List

I mostly agree with Grubers list:

  1. A8 processor, both iPhones sharing same internals. Only different is battery life, screen size, and display size.
  2. There will be a much bigger iPhone. People want it, Apple is skilled enough to make a huge phone not stink.
  3. Something related to home automation. Apple is building a huge 3 story structure next to the hall. I think it is a model home to show off HomeKit goodness.
  4. Sapphire screens.

Crazy bold outlandish Predictions

  1. Wearable will actually be a new iPod with wireless headphones.
  2. Is Oliver Cameron right and the wearable will be called the Moment?
  3. Apple bought the company behind the Kinect, so to control a too small screen hand gestures can be used via Michael Love.
  4. All new headphones will be influenced or connected to Beats by Dre.

We are at t minus 11 hours till the event. Will we witness a smart refresh with nice new hardware and a couple of cool features similar to TouchID? Or… will we witness a landmark event like unto the original iPhone keynote (which I have watched about 5 times)? Only time will tell.


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