Things I have learned + a note about company culture.

I have learned a ton in the last couple of days.  Mostly about WordPress.  It has also been really interesting to see how different companies work and how the culture really affects the work place.  So of the guys I work with told horror stories about how their old bosses were overbearing and crazy. One guy said that he had to log what he was doing EVERY 6 MINUTES. Even on lunch.  We have a quick standup meeting every morning to make sure we are all on the same page and then we dig into our work.  I like it. 

I set up a CDN (content delivery network) for the company blog to make it go faster.  I wrote a little php code to auto crop images for the doctors who write on the blog.  

And finally, if you don't want unpublished drafts to appear in your "Recent Drafts" sidebar, just use this little command in the query. 
'post_status' => 'publish',

One thought on “Things I have learned + a note about company culture.

  1. you should come check out the culture at Qualtrics – come any Friday for lunch.


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