Day 2 at Orca.  Whirlwind.  Not as bad as the first day, but pretty crazy.  Here is a smattering of things that I learned and used today. 

Terminal Commands

ls – shows a list of everything in your current folder. 
cd 'folder name here' – moves to that folder.
cd .. – moves back up one folder
cd – send you back to you home folder or directory. 

Make All Links In Safari Open As New Tabs

Screen shot of Safari Window
New windows, baaad. New tabs, gooood.

In general, Safari’s tab controls are wonderful, but one failing drives us crazy: Certain links are allowed to override your preference for opening new webpages in tabs, essentially forcing the application to open a new window. To prevent this in the future, execute this command: defaults write TargetedClicksCreateTabs -bool TRUE.

Make a little box pop up in javascript = alert('I am an alert'); – I always forget this for some reason. – very important.

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